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Horoscope Explorer 4.13

Create Vedic astrology birth charts and forecasts
Forecasts the future tendencies based on the birth date and other information. Test the data of your beloved data as well.

Vedic astrology is a forecasting system based on the Vedas, which are the oldest mystic texts of India. Its aim is to explore the influence of past experiences on the present, and to detect their possible influence on the future. This program allows you to create your birthchart according to this astrological system. A birthchart is a diagram showing the position of stars and planets in the moment you were born. According to astrology, this information can be used to forecast your possible behavior tendencies and thus to anticipate the way things can develop. The program has a setup wizard that opens at startup during the first use. It helps you define the style, region and other parameters that are needed to calculate the horoscope accurately. Once you have entered this data, you can push the Generate button to create your birthchart, which can be printed or saved as a file. An interesting feature is the Marriage Match, which allows you to enter your data and those of your loved one to see your compatibility.
The trial version does not allow you to modify the user name and other data, and only generates horoscopes for the year 1980. It does not show the birthchart, either. If you want to get rid of these limitations, then you will need to purchase a license.

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • The trial version does not allow users to modify the basic data
  • The program is aimed mainly at people living in India
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